Cleaning process

no job too messy!

I've cleaned many different types of ovens, and with the help of the latest oven-cleaning technology - and a bit of elbow grease - I've yet to find one I can't get looking like new!

What to expect


When I arrive at your property, I will lay protective flooring in the work area and cover any surrounding units and doors.

All removable fittings such as racks and trays are placed in my van, which is fitted with a specialised oven-cleaning dip tank to ensure the best, most professional results possible. 

Using only non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products ensures you're not left with any harsh chemical smells or toxic residue and your oven is safe to use straight away.

While the dip tank is working hard to remove all the burnt-on grease and carbon from the fittings, I'll be doing the same inside your oven. 


I will remove the oven doors and split the glass so it can be thoroughly cleaned - reaching those annoying streaks and drips you can't get to yourself!

Doors and fittings are then rinsed, polished and replaced inside your sparkling oven - everything is put back where it belongs and the area is left clean and tidy.

No job is too big or too messy! Give me a call today and let me do the job you hate!

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